During the last 7 years Angelika’s connection with the wild became strong. It opened up space for what is today her main project “Pensee Sauvage” – a movement from within, a contact with the inner wild. An attempt to bring wild nature close to those who get in touch with her creations. 

As a tattoo artist the element chose were wild plants – as they have this quality of breaking through and rising anew. In the area of performance, a combination of painting and dancing that aims to bring to the surface this inner wild thought free movements of a body surrounded by nature, dancing and interacting with the environment. 

Everything is connected in the same proposition: take a walk on the wild side. 


The artist

Angelika, is a brazilian artist based in Brussels, Belgium. Dancing and painting were a big part of her childhood days.

Once she grew up, amidst a lot of interests that was one the ring loudly a bell: human behaviour and the unconscious from where it comes from. What she calls the inner wild. After her studies she decided to bring forth all those interests to another area of art: tattooing.

“ I always knew that I was supposed to be an artist – I never imagine that I would start as tattooer, but this first step open up a whole new world for me to get here, right now”

Working as a visual artist since 2013, nowadays she aims to register and tell a wild story through her tattoos, her paintings and performances. Wild nature, ancient civilizations, portraits of strong women, are present in her artwork since the beginning.

Now she’s looking ahead, bringing forth her background as an analyst with experience in visual arts. A new concept arises: Pensee Sauvage: wildlife in movement.

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