Tattoo Experience

Each session is unique

It is a ritual, a journey, a way for you to create and tell your own story.

It aims to bring forth Angelika’s background as a Psychoanalyst and visual artist – to create a space where you’re able to translate your stories and feelings into a personal design.

A design that represents who you are, our connection with wild nature and an opportunity to live a creative experience together.

And it all happens in one session!



The whole process happens in one appointment.



About your experiences, stories and what you’re looking for during this encounter it’s an essential part of the process.

Angelika offers an active listening that provides a moment of awareness and creativity. Drinking a tea or a coffee, you will live a comfy moment to express yourself.



Based on the previous conversation, Angelika will offer you some suggestions that go well with her aesthetic purposes – to bring this connection with nature through her design.

This is collaborative moment that happens during the session when you’re able to tell what you like or not – until you feel confident on eternalise this design on your skin.



The moment you came for: tattooing is faced here as a ritual. You’re led to have deep awareness of your body and it’s limits. Trust is the main component here. That’s the importance of the whole previous experience.

You go from tension to a moment of empowerment and beauty. The ritual goes well as long as you are relaxed – for this will explain you everything about the procedure


After care

Offering you a beautiful tattoo for long years it’s her goal.
By the end of the tattooing process she will give you all recommendations of how to take care of your new tattoo.

The channel is open for touch ups and future projects.
Don’t hesitate to use this moment to ask everything you feel you need to know.

"My session was very pleasant, I immediately felt at ease and comfortable."

social impact

Your tattoo project now helps the world.

3% for the Planet and its people

Each month 3% of every tattoo we create will be donated to help the Planet and the People. 

Different projects and organizations around the world will be supported by us. 

The accountability of this project you can follow every last week of the month on my Instagram account. 

Small steps make up to a big change and a better future. 

Be part of the change.

Have a Question?


Check our frequently asked questions

Currently and for the past 2 years, Pensee Sauvage is working on the studio called Demain J’arrête, in Brussels – Belgium. The accurate location of the studio:

Chaussée d’Alsemberg 147, 1190 Forest
Phone: 02 259 61 96

– I work only with Vegan black ink with no trace of metal.
You can see on this pdf the ink composition: https://www.painfulpleasures.com/media/MSDS/Dynamic/MSDS_Dynamic_Black.pdf

All needles, caps and tubes are disposable and one-time use only.

No recommended because its a personal experience.

We can open for exception upon request.

I don’t do copies and I don’t repeat designs I already did. I hope you respect my work as I respect you body.

Touch up: must be done until 60 days after the session. After that a fee of 50 euros will be charged.

Approximate price x size

<13 cm: between 200-300€
 13 – 16 cm: 300 – 500€
> 16cm: 500€ +

*Final prices depends on the final size and placement.